The Government of Canada

This week The Stu Pitt Award goes to ...

The Government of Canada

for misleading info on smoking deaths

Here, directly quoted from the Canada government health website is a 100% bullshit 100% misleading anti-smoking statistic ...

"More than 37,000 people will die prematurely this year in Canada due to tobacco use. Unless they quit, up to half of all smokers will die from their smoking ..."

My own analysis (aka the truth) ...

The Canadian government is misleading the public. On purpose. "UP TO 50%" could mean anywhere from less than 1% up to 50%.

Here are the facts ...

The total population of Canada is about 33,700,000 (33.7 million). As of 2010. That's according to, of all sources, the CIA. Yes, the CIA official website.

37,000 people a year dying in Canada from smoking out of 33.7 million is more than 1 out of every 1,000 Canadians. That's all Canadians; men, women AND children!

Let's factor out the children. According to "Canada's under-15 population fell by almost 146,000 or 2.5 per cent between 2001 and 2006, the latest census figures show, and is now sitting at 5.6 million."

Thus, out of 33.7 million total 5.6 million are children. That leaves 28 million adults. Of the 28 million adults, 18% are smokers (source: That equals 5 million smokers.

Thus, 37,000 out of 5 million smokers die each year from smoking (if the 37,000 number is even totally believable. I believe that also includes smokers AND people who used to smoke and quit). In any event, 37,000 out of 5 million equals .74%. Less than 1%.

Thus, according to the real facts, only .74% of smokers (and former smokers) in Canada die from smoking each year. Less than 1%. NOT 50%! Not even close to 50%!

.74%. That's the real truth. Based on facts from very credible population sources, including the Canadian government itself and the CIA. That's the real thruth. Not the lying, misleading, scare tactic bullshit "up to 50%" death-from-smoking stats put out by the Canadian government.

Is this a good statistical analysis? Yes. Better than the Canadian government? Much better. Is it truthful? 100%.

(Feel free to check my math).