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Online since 2009, the Stu Pitt Stuff blog is authentic, cool, fun and funny. Sometimes wildly entertaining, sometimes even brilliant, and occasionally serious. Based in America (in trendy L.A.) my Stu Pitt Stuff blog uses humor, wisdom and truth to shine a light on life, the big things and the little things.

Spend some time on this blog. If you do, you will laugh, you will learn things, and you might just improve your life. At the very least, you will smile. 

Feel free to binge read this blog, I've been writing it since 2009 and there are over 400 posts.

Read and enjoy.

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Stu Pitt Stuff is the creative work of Andrew Lawrence, author and artist. Andrew wrote more than 20 books that can improve your life ... fast. Visit the author's website at Andrew Lawrence
And if you like fine art, he is also a fine art photographer. Visit his photographic portfolio at Fine Art America

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Stu Pitt Stuff - it's everywhere!
Online visitors to this blog have come from the United States, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, Russia, Australia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, China, Vietnam. And other countries.

Not just an American blog, Stu Pitt Stuff gets visitors from all over the world: from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Literally from every continent except Antarctica. And, to rectify that, as I am sometimes stubborn (and sometimes weird), I actually contacted the U.S. research center in Antarctica, McMurdo Station, and emailed someone else at another station in Antarctica, and kindly asked that someone please go online and visit my blog and kindly complete my global guest quest - visitors from all 7 continents.

The point? Never give up. Even if you have to go to Antarctica.

UPDATE: a day later I received an email from an astrophysicist at a research center in Antarctica who said they went online and visited the Stu Pitt Stuff blog. Cool! Or rather, cold; at the time, in Antarctica, it was -63 C (-81 F).

Yes! I completed my global guest quest - blog visitors from all 7 continents. Am I pleased? Very.

a happier world

I have a way to make the world a happier place. For real. And you can help. Would you like to be happy/happier? Would you like to be part of a humanitarian effort to make the world a happier place? Here's how

Birthday change


Hoppy Birthday!

I have another birthday coming up soon. I have had a lot of birthdays. I even have a saying about it.

What's the secret of a long life?

Keep having birthdays.

Now that I have had a lot of them, and have yet another birthday coming up, I am thinking about changing the way I deal with my birthdays. Maybe, from now on, instead of adding another year to my age, on my birthday I will SUBTRACT a year!

Hole Wheat Bread


Hole Wheat Bread

So, I opened a fresh new loaf of 100% whole wheat bread to find...holes. Each of the first 10 pieces of bread had a giant hole in it. I did not not look further. I was stunned. WHY would a leading brand of bread make and sell its product with a big hole that goes all the way through it? HOW do you make a nice juicy sandwich with holey bread? I was going to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, spread on this whole wheat bread. Now, with the giant hole in the slices of bread I could not apply either peanut butter or jelly, they would ooze through the bread and drip on the floor, or my shirt. And it's not just peanut butter and jelly, how do you make any sandwich with like mustard or ketchup or mayo on it if the bread has a large hole in it, if the chosen ingredients will squirt through? Answer? You can't.

So, what do I do? Do I put solid food on the hole in the bread to cover it up? Do I eat the peanut butter, and the jelly, direct from the jar, with no bread?  Do I stop making my own sandwiches? Or, do I stop buying this leading brand of Whole Wheat Bread? 

Hole wheat bread, another dumb idea from modern America. And the loaf costs $5!

Two mornings in one

Lately, I've been having two mornings a day. What? 2 mornings? In the same day? Yes. 

I wake up each day after 3 hours of sleep, in the middle of the night. At about 2 AM. It is my first morning. I am refreshed, awake, alert and have creative things to do. Like writing this blog post. Or working on my fine art photography, editing my art or putting it into my online portfolio. And getting the news online and finding out what the world has been up to. 

On my first morning I have a cup of coffee, read the news and do some creative things for a couple of hours. Previously, before the Covid pandemic, I slept through the night. I was not awake, alert or creative in the middle of the night. Now I am. Now I have two mornings each day. During my first morning of the day, in the middle of the night, at about 4 AM I have breakfast. After a few hours in my first morning I get tired. I go back to bed, get some more sleep. And then wake up again about 3 hours later. And start the day again. A restart. A second morning. A second chance at life. 

Yes, I have two mornings. Every day. I like it. I like having two mornings. Every day. 

Weird dream


I had a weird dream. I dreamt that I was editing images of a red planet. A red planet? Mars? The scene kept on repeating itself, me editing images of a red planet. Yes, I do fine art photography. My own creative photos. Why would I be dreaming of editing images of Mars? What did it mean? It made no sense. I do not edit photos for NASA. Or any astronomical organization. Where did the images of a red planet come from? I didn't take the photos. Why did I have the images? Why was I editing them? Strange dream. Weird dream. What could it possibly mean?

An idea popped into my head. Why don't I look up the meaning of the dream online. Not that I expected to find the meaning of dreaming about editing images of a red planet. Oh, wait a minute. Why don't I try AI? Maybe there's a online AI dream interpretation site. I looked on google. There was an AI dream interpreter. 

I went to the site and entered my dream. "Editing images of a red planet." Here is what it said

Dreams can have personal meanings and can vary based on individual experiences and emotions. However, here are some possible interpretations for editing images of a red planet: 

1. Exploration and curiosity: The red planet could symbolize Mars, a planet associated with exploration and discovery. Editing images of it may reflect your desire to learn and explore new territories or ideas in waking life. 2. Transformation and creativity: Editing images represents the act of altering or enhancing something, which could signify a desire for self-improvement or personal transformation. The red planet's color may symbolize passion, energy, or creative impulses. 3. Unresolved emotions: The red color might also relate to intense emotions, anger, or frustration. Editing the images could represent your efforts to find ways to cope with or modify these feelings. 4. Ambition and goals: Red is often associated with motivation, power, and determination. This dream may reflect your strong ambitions and your commitment to achieving your goals, especially in areas that are currently unexplored or uncharted. 

Remember, the interpretation of a dream is subjective, and it's important to consider your personal associations and feelings towards the symbols in your dream when trying to understand its meaning.

Wow! That was a pretty good, pretty accurate interpretation! From AI. From an artificial intelligence source. I was impressed. And a little scared. AI read my mind. AI interpreted my dream, the inner workings of my inner mind. 

Welcome to a new world. An AI world. Luckily, this time AI helped a human. Me.



In January 2024 the blogger was interviewed by Voyage L.A. and the fascinating interview can be seen here:



The new economy. Where bots are already ruling the world of customer service and support. And welcome to the new technology, where nothing works properly, everything is not simple it's overcomplicated, and home users have to be the equivalent of a software developer/engineer to do anything on their device. That does not apply to 11-year-olds who today often ARE the equivalent of software engineers.

Fear of money

 Fear of Money? No More!

Many people have a fear of money. The thought of having lots of money overwhelms them. Why? They think, they believe, that if they have a lot of money, the money will control them. I will now dispel that fear, the fear of money. 

First, let me tell you how I overcame my fear of money, big money. My first real job was on Wall Street. I was in my early 20s. I started as a trainee for a major investment banker, in their money market area. We sold and traded large investments. It was designed for institutional investors, like banks and pension funds and corporations. The minimum investment  was $5 million. I freaked out when they told me that. $5 million? I could not even conceive of that much money, let alone in a single transaction. 

My first assigned task was to check the trading/sales tickets for the math. Back then, WAY back then, the trades were handwritten and it was the early days of calculators. After only a few hours of seeing and checking $5 million tickets I realized something, something strange, something significant. I realized that these $5 million transactions were not actual cash, not actual money. They were paper trades, signifying the money and the commitment to sending it. Nobody walked into the trading room with a wheel barrel full of millions of dollars of cash. I never saw the 5 million dollars in actual dollars. The money was always wired to the banks.  Soon, to me a million dollars became just a 1, 2 commas and 6 zeros. $1,000,000. Five million dollars became just a 5, 2 commas and 6 zeros. $5,000,000. Sometimes in a trading day we did 100 transactions. At $5 million each. That's five hundred million dollars. Half a billion dollars. In 1 day! 

My fear of money was gone! Since then, I have never been afraid of money, I am only afraid of not having any.

If you have, or were to come into, a sizable amount of money you will probably see it deposited into your bank account, or in an investment(s) not handed to you in cash. A bank deposit. A bunch of numbers, signifying wealth. A bunch of numbers which can be converted or spent on wonderful things, for yourself, your family and others. The money doesn't control you, you control the money. Why do I say that? Because, in the extreme, you can GIVE IT ALL AWAY! Y-o-u control your money, it does not have to control you, unless you let it. 

The exception to the above is if you receive lots of money in cash. If so, make sure you are not doing something illegal and risking getting caught, arrested and going to jail. 

Taquito Tuesday



I discovered a delish dish. Taquitos. Monterey Jack cheese and chicken taquitos. From, believe it or not, Seven Eleven (7-11). These taquitos are spicy. And delicious. And filling. And they are often on sale, 3 for $3!

How did I discover this delish dish? A couple of months ago I had to take the car to be checked. The tire pressure was low and I saw a screw sticking out from the tire tread. Uh oh. A flat tire was coming. As I did not have a spare I took it to a nearby Pep Boys. It was lunchtime. I was hungry. I sat there while they were repairing the tire. I was getting really hungry. I went outside and looked around for someplace to get something quick to eat. I saw a 7-11 across the street. Hmm. Perhaps they had an edible sandwich that I could eat, or at least stomach. I walked over to the 7-11. I looked around. I saw a grill with a bunch of stuffed long round things cooking. The stuff looked good. I chose a Monterey Jack cheese and chicken thing, a taquito. I paid for it and walked back to Pep Boys, eating as I walked. OMG, the taquito was tasty! Spicy, cheesy, chicken-y and soft. Easy to bite into and chew. Yummy! I liked it!

Since then, on Tuesdays I go to a 7-11 and get 3 taquitos. I have them for dinner. Taquitos make a good breakfast, a good lunch and even a good dinner. Apparently, these taquitos are popular, late in the day they are often sold out. I try to buy them hours before I am going to eat them. When I want to eat them I first heat them up in the microwave. I also wanted to be aware of the nutritional info, as eating too many, or too often, could be not so good for your health

1 taquito = 180 calories
carbs = 23grams

So, my 3 taquitos contain 540 calories and 69 grams of carbs. That's why I only have 3 of them, weekly, or maybe twice weekly. If I ate more of them or ate them more often, I could easily gain weight. And yes, after trying the chicken-and-Monterey-Jack-cheese taquitos a few times I signed up for a 7-11 account, in order to get the discount when available. Normally, the 7-11 taquitos are 3 for $5. Plus tax. Gladly, having signed up, 7-11 has not swamped me with email or text ads and offers. 

Am I happy with my new discovery, the 7-11 taquitos? Very happy. My mouth was watering the whole time I was writing this post. Today is Monday. Maybe, instead of waiting until Tuesday I'll have them for dinner tonight!

bad design

 Re frozen pizza

As a lunch treat I bought a frozen Lean Cuisine Four Cheese Pizza. It was one of the worse mistakes I ever made regarding food. At home, I opened the carton, excited and looking forward to having a nice microwave pizza for lunch.

For microwaving I followed the directions one at a time:

1. To get the silver plate off the inner side of the carton I had to rip the carton. 

2. Then, ripped, I could not make a platform out of the carton as directed. 

3. I could not microwave the pizza and could not eat it. 

I threw the frozen pizza away. Uncooked and uneaten.

A total waste of my money and very irritating and disappointing. One of the worst packaging designs in my lifetime! 

I will NEVER buy another Lean Cuisine product again.


In this post I am going to sum up life. Yes, really. Having lived a long-ish time I believe I have learned the true basics of life, the truths, in both the reality and the spiritual. And now I will share them with you.

The gift of life

We are given life and are born into the world. We are a blank slate. As we grow we observe and experience and learn and adapt or reject or interpret or misinterpret what we witness or imagine. 

The point of life

The point of life is to become who we are. To remove the obstacles and acquire what we need to become our true whole self. We are each of us an individual with unique viewpoints and experiences.

The purpose of life

Everyone has an ultimate purpose in life. A spiritually based purpose. As adults our true life job is to find, and carry out, that true purpose. I even wrote a book about how to find your life purpose.

The goal of life

The goal of life is happiness. Happiness. To feel true fulfillment. That is the ultimate goal.  I learned how to be happy, true happiness. I even wrote a book about it.  

The reward

The reward of life is happiness. The ultimate reward is death. Yes, death is the final reward. Assuming you live a reasonable long life. In the end we all cease to live. Death. Death is a final reward? Yes. It stops all the worry, all the pain. And all the stupid stuff. You no longer have to eat or drink or go to the bathroom. Or move your body. Or think. Or feel. Death. It stops everything. And we get to finally rest, for eternity. Our soul goes to "heaven". Another dimension. A spiritual universe. And maybe there the soul gets wiped clean and reinserted into a newborn. No one know for sure, yet.

Here are some books which may help you achieve your purpose and your goal in life.

For more information visit my books

Almost Murdered

Thursday. Mid-December. I visited my usual birding area by the river, to hopefully find some fabulous photos to take. When I got there the fence gates were locked. And a helicopter was circling overhead. The city locks the gates when it rains as the river can be dangerous then. OK, no entry. However, one can climb the short steep outer river bank, bypass the fence and access the area. That's what I did. Wow. I was treated to a rare view. The river was roaring, engorged, its width doubled, its current racing. I looked around. There were some birds in the water. And a scruffy dirty beaded man standing on the river bank 100 yards downriver. I took a few photos of the birds. 

I was joined by another person who was out for a walk on the riverbank. He asked me why the helicopter was circling. I said I didn't know. He told me that he saw a bunch of police cars in the immediate area and that the circling helicopter was a police copter. We started walking, The scruffy dirty homeless guy started walking in our direction. We were then joined by a third person, a knowledgeable talkable guy who told us that there was a maniac on the loose in the area. He had spoken to the police and they told him a homeless man, armed with a rifle, was threatening to shoot "the people that live in the trees." Oh. A nutcase. An armed nutcase. The other two guys walked away. I decided to finish up my photography outing and leave the area. As I walked along the concrete embankment I looked back and saw the scruffy dirty bearded guy walking in my direction. I got a bad feeling and got off the riverbank. As I went down the short riverbank hill and onto a rustic dirt path I noticed a bunch of cops. They had guns in their hands and were urgently motioning for me to come their way. I joined the group of police and asked them what was going on. They told me that a guy was on the loose and threatening to kill people. People who lived in the trees. They said the guy was armed with a rifle. Now, that was something I had never heard of in this area. I had been coming to this scenic safe river birding area for years. Now there was an armed maniac, a potential mass murderer, on the loose here? The talkative guy was also there. He told me that he had seen the local news on the scene.

I watched as the police approached and stopped the scruffy dirty beaded homeless guy on the riverbank. The cops had their guns drawn. The cops handcuffed the guy. One of the police held up a rifle. Apparently an AK-47. OMG. The scruffy dirty beaded homeless guy was the maniac, desirous and capable of mass murder. And he had been behind me on the concrete riverbank, walking in my direction. Did I just escape being murdered? By a maniac nutso? An armed and dangerous scruffy, dirty, beaded homeless person? The talkative guy told me that he seen this homeless guy around but the maniac didn't live right there but did stay in the area. He didn't say if the maniac was actually homeless or not (but the alleged maniac sure looked homeless. And scruffy. And dirty).

I walked to my car and drove away, leaving all the danger and drama behind. I felt grateful. And lucky. Lucky I wasn't murdered. Lucky I was alive. And hungry. It was lunchtime. I went home and had lunch. After my near-death experience it was now just another Thursday in Los Angeles. Yeah, right.

Brain fog

Went to pick up a prescription. First I went to the supermarket, bought a few things. Put the shopping bag on the back seat as I always do. Then I went to the pharmacy. After I drove home, I got out of the car, carrying the prescription and went into my apartment. 2 hours later I realized I left the groceries in the car. On the back seat. OMG! I totally forgot. Did the stuff melt? Did it spoil? Were they stolen? I went back to the car to get them. Yes, the groceries were still there, I live in a safe, gated community.

I never do that. I NEVER leave the groceries in the car when I get home. I think I did it maybe once before, when maybe I was not feeling well.

OK, I'm getting old. I forget things, like names. Names of people. Or names of songs. But my mind, my brain, is still sharp, because I use it all the time.  And play games on my tablet. And write posts on my blog. Yet I left the groceries in the car, on a sunny but cool Sunday. Am I getting senile? Am I getting dementia? Is my short term memory no longer working? Or was I just distracted by standing in line for 30 minutes at my CVS pharmacy to pick up the prescription? And then running around trying to buy name brand Vaseline, only to find both my local CVS' had none? 

OK, back to the groceries. Were they melted or spoiled? Luckily, no. Here's what they were:

Tea. Carrot cake. And toothpaste. Whew! I was lucky.

secret snack

I have a secret. A secret snack. A snack I have every night, after dinner. What is it? Popsicles.
Sugar free popsicles.

I am not a nutritionist. Or a medical professional. I am a consumer and this post contains my opinion, my experience.

I love my nightly popsicles. It's a treat. A tasty easy-to-eat treat. It provides a tasty treat to accompany my evening activities at home. Low calorie. Mostly water. And sugar free. They HAVE to be sugar free, I don't need/want lots of extra sugar, it can be dangerous to my health. Each box contains 3 flavors; orange, cherry and grape. There are 15 calories per pop. I can eat up to 6 of them in one evening and ingest less than 100 calories! And, even at the "high" price of a box of them, eating a popsicle costs me about 35 cents. I can eat 6 of them for like $2!

And they also make tropical flavored sugar free popsicles.

Sugar free popsicles. Lots of flavors. Without the sugar. My favorite nightly tasty treat. And no longer a secret.

Eight Million Mistake

My first big job after college was Wall Street. In the money market division of a prominent investment banking firm. Where companies raised funds, or invested their excess funds, for a short time. The minimum investment was $5 million. In today's money that would be $35 million. I started as a trainee. After only two weeks on the job I received a promotion.

They put me in charge of a whole department. A one-person department. Me; I was the department. I was now in charge of raising money for an agency of the United States government; the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) in Washington, D.C.

How it worked was that there were four major dealers who were authorized to issue short term Fannie May discount notes. Each day we were given an allotment, a maximum amount of money to raise for FNMA that day. This helped FNMA budget and smooth out the cash flow they needed to support the mortgage financing markets. Usually, they wanted to raise a few million dollars. Sometimes FNMA didn’t need any money at all on a given day. Management of this capital raising function rotated each week between the four dealers. Brand new to all this, my mentor, Paul, briefly showed me how to do everything. Then, it was our turn to become the manager, run the book, manage the sales, report to FNMA, etc.

I was on my own, running a whole department! The other dealers would call me up and request an amount of money against orders they had generated. I filled all their orders and kept track of the sales. At the end of the day I would notify the director of our firm and then FNMA about how much we had raised for them that day. That day I had raised 12 million and was very proud. I told Paul how much I and the other dealers did. His jaw dropped. “Twelve million?” he gasped. “That sounds like an awful lot. How much was the allotment today?” I gave him a blank look. He ran over to my FNMA accounting book and looked down at the official allotment I had received and written in for that day. Four million. Paul turned ghostly white. “Oh, Lord”, he wailed, “we are in deep doo-doo. You were only allowed to raise four million dollars today and you raised twelve!” He immediately ran in to see the boss. A director of the firm.

I could see them through the glass walls of the boss’s office; we called it the fishbowl. Paul spoke briefly to him. Then the director’s face turned red. Very red. Then he started to scream at Paul. Then he stuck his head out of the door of the fishbowl and screamed for me to get in there. NOW! I entered the fishbowl with my knees shaking. At the top of his lungs the director screamed and screamed at me. “You stupid son-of-a-bitch! You raised eight million dollars more than you were allowed! Now I have to call the president of goddamn FNMA in goddamn Washington, D.C. and see if I can figure out a way to correct this friggin mess! If I goddamn can’t, we’ll have to cough up the extra eight goddamn million dollars out of our own goddamn pockets!!!”

Oh goddamn, I thought, I’m dead. My life is over.

The director told me to wait outside. Then he called Washington and spoke to the president of FNMA. He explained about the “new kid” and the mistake. They worked out a deal; FNMA honored the extra eight million dollars of notes sold by me even though they didn’t need the money right then and it could be a bit of political problem et al. And seeing as how I made them “overspend” their budget by eight million dollars that day they probably wouldn’t need anymore money raised by us, by me, for a while, thank you very much.

I was saved! Or so I thought. The director screamed at me some more. Then he screamed at Paul again. Then he screamed at me again. Then he finally calmed down a little.

He looked at me, hard, and told me he was now going to tell me something I would never forget. And he said,

“He who sells what isn’t his’n - 
delivers same - or goes to prison”.

Gulp. I went pale (or even paler if that was possible under the circumstances).

I heard that little ditty only one time. And for the rest of my life I never forgot it.

It took me a long time to get over making that eight-million-dollar mistake. In today's money that would be an $56 million mistake!

Somehow, I survived it.

That was a long long time ago. And, to this day, I have never feared making a mistake again. Any mistake.

After all, once you make an eight-million-dollar mistake (today, it would equate to a $50 million mistake) it isn’t very likely that you could ever make a mistake that big again!

The moral of the story? When you are young-ish making mistakes can be valuable learning experiences. Provided you survive a mistake you can learn a lot from it.

This post is an excerpt from my book: "Stories of a Lifetime: extraordinary events in an extraordinary life". An amazing book about my amazing life experience. It is available on

get happy

 Happiness Booster Shot

There has been a worldwide trend to improve the workplace. And the well being of workers. Many organizations now even have an HR executive dedicated to doing that. Some even have a Chief Happiness Officer.  And I have something that can help that cause, the cause of happiness. 

As the author of The Happiness Transformation I edited and converted the book into a Happiness Booster Shot, for employers to use to quickly and easily make their employees happy/happier. A happy/happier worker is a more productive worker. 

For more information go to


December 7, 2023 marks 12 years since I had a cigarette. This is thanks to vaping. I have been vaping for 12 years. Before that I smoked a pack a day. 

I switched to vaping 12 years ago. I am a vaper. My family and my doctors are pleased. My body is pleased. Giving up cigarettes and switching to vaping made my insides feel "cleaner". And my clothes, and breath, don't stink. And, maybe best of all, I save a lot of money. Regarding the cost of cigarettes vs my vaping I now save about $300 a month by vaping. 

I now vape using a Smok Solus. It is a terrific starter device; simple, high quality, reasonable priced. Yes, it took me a few days to get used to using the pod system but now it's easy, fun, satisfying and saves me $300 a month.

Yes, a glowing and honest endorsement of the product.


A while later I wanted to submit this blog/blog post to become an affiliate of Smoktech, the makers of my Smok vape. I was instructed to submit to their affiliate manager, LinkConnector. I did. A while after that I was informed that, "After reviewing your application to the LinkConnector Affiliate Network, we decided to decline your application. LinkConnector approves applications for fully functional sites that also contain unique content. If your site is not fully functional or lacks unique content please consider updating your site. Once you have done so, email us and we will review your site and reconsider your original application." What? They REJECTED A blog I started in 2009. The blog YOU are on right now.

I then sent this email to Smoktech management: "Apparently,  LinkConnector does not appreciate good writing and 100% unique content. Or, if their issue is with my site functionality, I pay Google to host this blog/site, and my other sites, and have done so for many years". 

I have not heard a word back from them.

So, I have been treated unfairly, professionally insulted and am not an affiliate. The Smok product is good, it's maker and affiliate manager not so much.

serious solution

On a serious note, here in America we have had a critical border crisis since 2021. It's time for a serious solution.

How To Solve The Illegal Immigration 
Problem Simply, Quickly, Inexpensively, 
Maybe Even Without Offending Anyone

by Andrew Lawrence

I originally developed this simple, fast and affordable solution to illegal immigration in 2014, 10 years ago. It still hasn't been implemented by Congress.

The U.S. has an illegal immigration problem. A big illegal immigration problem. What is the problem? Too many people come here from other countries, without permission and without proper documents, and stay. At last count, there were some 11 million undocumented/illegal “guests” living in the United States. Guests who never leave, who never go home.

What caused the problem? Who's to blame? The U.S. government, for allowing foreigners to enter America illegally and/or overstay their visa time limit. No other country does this. It is against U.S. federal law to enter the U.S. without permission or proper documents or to overstay a legal visit. Yet, the federal government has allowed millions of people to do so.

So, how do we fix it? Here’s how to fix it, quickly and inexpensively and maybe even without offending anyone.

1. The federal government sets up a program I will call “The Guest Worker Program” (GWP). It is a federal database to which US resident “guests” from other countries, if they want to work here in the U.S., will have to sign up and register for. The database shall, for each guest worker, contain their name, valid current address, photograph, and fingerprints. Each guest worker shall pay an annual registration fee of perhaps $50-$100 to help cover the costs of the GWP. Registrants shall be known as "guest workers". If a guest worker is found to have committed a felonious crime, they shall be jailed and/or deported and their name removed from the database. 

The Guest Worker Program will also retroactively include the existing 11 million plus undocumented immigrants already living in the U.S. If easier and possible, the already existing E-verify system could be adapted to do this.

2. U.S. employers. ALL employers in the U.S., can only hire workers from other countries to work here in the U.S. who are registered in the GWP database. Fines will be imposed on any U.S. employer who hires a non-U.S. citizen to work in the U.S. who is not registered in the database. First offense will be $10,000 per non-registered worker. Second offense will carry a fine of $25,000 per non-registered worker. Third offense will carry a fine of $100,000 per non-registered foreign worker AND a mandatory 1 year in jail. Onsite workplace verification and investigation could be handled by one of the government agencies.

3. The federal government - Congress - shall make the above the law of the land and shall inform any/all businesses or organizations in the U.S. that this is now enforceable federal law.

4. The federal government shall hire or transfer up to 1,000 federal judges for the program, or as many as needed. The sole purpose of these judges is to enforce the Guest Work Program and to fine and incarcerate those illegal residents and employers who violate the program and enforce the registration violations of Guest Workers.

Thus, establishing and enforcing the Guest Worker Program solves the undocumented/illegal immigration problem. How? No foreign person will come to the United States and work without registering in the GWP database when they get here. Why? Because if they do not register as a Guest Worker they will not be able to work legally, and few if any U.S. employers will hire them, for fear of the large fines and/or imprisonment.

And, in addition, via the Guest Worker Program, the U.S. will also know who is here in our country, where they live, and how to find them if so required.

Plus, if U.S. employers need/wish to hire “cheap labor” they may do so from the GWP. Guest Workers will not be entitled to have all of the rights of American citizens, because they will not be American citizens, they will be foreign "guests".

The program is self-regulating. If U.S. employers want to fill 5 million lower wage jobs, and the GWP has 5 million guest workers, everyone in the database can potentially be hired – legally. If there are 5 million available low wage jobs, and the database has 10 million guest workers in it, 5 million will not find work. Without work they may have to voluntarily return to their own country. In addition, if the demand for guest workers is 5 million and there are already enough legal guest workers in the database, foreigners will not come to the U.S. in search of work – because there won’t be any work – for them. That eliminates the need for more border patrol guards, and other increases in U.S. border security.

Let’s treat undocumented/illegal immigrants like guests! Literally. And, like guests, we have the right to ask them to leave our home if we wish.

The Guest Worker Program. It entitles foreigners to come to America to work – legally. No more hordes of undocumented/illegal immigrants, the United States will thus only house a self-limiting number of legal and wanted guest workers. The program is self-regulating. And, because the stigma of being here in the U.S. illegally will be a thing of the past, documented guest workers will be welcomed, and properly regulated. And, like every other nation in the world, under the program, U.S. borders shall be secure.

How to solve the illegal immigration problem quickly, inexpensively, and maybe even without offending anyone? The Guest Worker Program. Documented legal guests ... not undocumented/illegal border crossers from other countries or working visitors who overstay their visas.

The Guest Worker Program is simple, efficient and effective.

OK, Washington, let's get to work! Let's have a Guest Worker Program and SOLVE the illegal immigration problem in America!

I devised this program in 2014, well before the 2024 Presidential Election. I hereby offer it to any party, any candidate, any president, any member of Congress, intelligent enough, and with guts enough, to implement it.

And for you voters, feel free to send a link to this program to any/all of your members of Congress.


Older and colder

OK, winter is approaching and this year starting in the Fall I have been feeling cold, indoors, every day, now starting at 4 PM.  That's when the sun starts to go down and, as evening approaches, temperatures start to drop. At 4 PM I am home, indoors. With the heat on. My upper body starts to feel cold, and I put on a sweatshirt. Sometimes a jacket. The room temp is the same, 77 degrees F, not cold, not too warm. I remain feeling cold until I go to sleep at 11 PM then, under the covers, I am "normal". 

This is the first year I have had this "older and colder" weirdness. During the day, morning and afternoon I am not cold intolerant, I only feel cold in my upper body starting in late afternoon.

I recently went to my doctor for a checkup, lab tests et al and nothing was found that would explain this "older and colder at 4 PM" thing. 

I did a google search but found nothing that fit or explained this issue. I have none of the diseases or vitamin deficiencies listed that cause this. So, as often happens, I have to try and diagnose myself. Here goes ...

I am old, er older. Apparently, as we age our skin gets thinner and our circulation slows down. Yes, I have always been sensitive to temperature (and humidity) but this is a whole new sensitivity level. Feeling cold starting at 4 PM? Every day? OK, maybe aging is what's causing me to feel older and colder. Normal aging. If that's the case, what do I do about it? I could buy a heavier sweatshirt. Or a heavy sweater. I could turn up the indoor temperature a bit, starting at 4 PM. I could take another hot shower every day at 4 PM, but that might dry out my skin even more. I don't have to move to a warmer climate, I already live in Southern California. 

Now that I better understand what is likely happening to me, and why, I will consider my options regarding how best to deal with being older and colder and how best to restore my feeling warm and fuzzy at night during winter.

Free Carwash

Today is Saturday. It is supposed to rain, all day. If/when I go out I will get wet. I will have to take an umbrella. And wear a jacket. Oh, well, at least I won't be wearing an expensive suit and it's supposed to be a light-moderate rain not heavy rain which could cause flooding and even worse, traffic jams. 

Rain. A light steady rain. A rainy day. No big deal. Part of Nature. And, I'll even get a free car wash!

Oh, make that 2 full days of rain. It's supposed to rain on Sunday too. Parked outside, my car exterior is gonna be clean clean clean. Too bad the month is going to start with lousy rainy weather. That's life. Sometimes the sun shines and sometimes it rains. No, I had nothing monumental to say. Or write about. Just some Stu Pitt stuff about a rainy day. Written at 4 AM.

The Day Curse

Today, so far, everything I did was wrong, messed up. It's the Day Curse. And it's only noon.

I lost the new registration for my car. What? How? I took the paperwork from my home out to the car, to put it in the glove compartment. Later, I realized that it wasn't there. Where was it? It was not in the car, not on the seat, not on floor, not in the trunk. I was not sure where it was. When I initially went out to the car, besides the car registration in my hand, I also emptied the trash via  a large trash bag and carried an empty supermarket shopping bag. My hands were full. I must have dropped the registration and not realized it. Here I was, driving around without the registration to the car. I called someone, asked them to go look for it. They shortly called me back and said yes they found it. It was on the ground where I walked outside from my residence and went to the car. Whew. 

I also bought some vaping supplies at a vape shop. I was going to put the $33 on my debit card. That's what I use the debit card for. It's got a $100 balance just for that, and/or other minor expenditures. I mistakenly put the $33 on my credit card instead. No big deal, just wrong.

Today is one of those days, a day where everything I do may be wrong. I will make sure I don't do anything important or critical, for fear/certainly that I will mess it up. Luckily, these kind of days are rare. My brain normally works well and my body normally accurately follows the direction of my brain. Not today. Today, I will try hard not to do anything vital or important, anything that matters. And especially anything that might be dangerous. I will stay away from knives and scissors and other sharp objects. In other words, I will take the day off, and try not to do or touch anything. 

These messed up days have happened before. Not too often. In fact, when I was young and worked on Wall Street, when I was having one of those messed up days arrived at work I would loudly announce to the crowded trading room, "It's one of those days. Everything I do today is wrong. Don't let me do anything important. And keep any sharp objects away from me." They looked up - and laughed. They knew. 

I call it The Day Curse.

EVERYBODY has those days, days where everything you do is messed up. Where everything you do is WRONG. It's like a curse, a day curse that messes you up for the entire day. No, there's nothing you can do, no way to lift the curse. However, you may want to benefit from my above experience and advice about the Day Curse. For your own good and the good of everyone around you. 

Bot visits

Bot Traffic

I have been getting thousands of website visits a week, from Singapore. Yes, that would be nice, if they were real visitors. I think the visits from Singapore are not real I think the traffic is via bot.

Please stop your Singapore bot from uselessly visiting this site. I don't need nonhumans visiting the site, they cannot appreciate my Stu Pitt wisdom, humor and coolness. Thank you.


This week I got only 8 visits from Singapore. I guess the bot visits stopped. Thank you.

I Won

I Won The Lottery!

I bought a $10 lottery scratcher ticket. It was a new scratcher game, called Diamond 8's. You could win up to $1 million. I hoped to win a million dollars. Or a few thousand dollars. Or a hundred dollars. Or at least to break even. 

At home I started scratching off the ticket. The first space to scratch and uncover was a Bonus space. It said "uncover a 'ROCK SPOT' symbol and win $100 instantly." I scratched. I uncovered a ROCK SPOT symbol. Huh. I won $100! Yay! That gave me plenty of profit to buy more scratcher tickets. Plus, that was only the first scratch space on the ticket. I had 20 more spaces to scratch off. 

I scratched off the 6 winning numbers. I had to match any of 20 potential scratch off spaces to any of the winning numbers in order to win the corresponding prize.  I scratched off the first row of 5 spaces. No winners. I started on the second of 4 rows. BOOM! I scratched off a "Double Diamond". The ticket instructions said that if I scratch off a Double Diamond symbol I win ALL the prizes - INSTANTLY! OMG, I won! I won ALL the prizes, instantly. I won up to $1 million! Holy Sh*t! I was in shock. How much would I win. I would scratch off the remaining 14 prizes and add up ALL the amounts. Would I win a million dollars? Half a million dollars? $100,000? $50,000? WOW. I took a deep breath and started uncovering the 14 remaining prize amounts. $5. $5. $5. Another $5. More $5 prizes. The remaining amounts were all $5 each. 

The total came to 20 $5 prizes. $100. Plus the ROCK SPOT for $100. I had won $200. Hey, where's my $1 million? Or my $100,000? I was disappointed. I had won ALL the prizes, a total Scratcher jackpot win. I won..."up to $1 million". But I only actually won $200. 

I felt cheated. Disappointed. For about 30 seconds. Then I realized that I had won $200. On a $10 scratcher. Not bad. That gave me $190 of free money to play more scratcher games. I could even play a $20 scratcher and maybe win $5 million! Oh, yeah. 

I cashed in the winning ticket and bought $40 worth of scratchers. We shall see what happens. Stay tuned.