Recycling in L.A.

This week The Stu Pitt Award goes to ...

The State of California

for its batteries
recycling regulation

In the midst of the worst economic times since the Great Depression, here is what Californians are forced to do ... recycle their used dead batteries at a recycling center. Yes, even the little AA and AAA batteries.

It is yet another environmental law passed by the continuosly re-elected clueless moronic time-wasting money-wasting California legislators in Sacramento. The once-great State of California, and its state EPA, now forces you to drive far and wide and find a place to recycle your used batteries. Any battery. Every battery. Every time.

Here's the story ...

My laptop battery suddenly quit. Wouldn't recharge. It was less than 2 years old. Yes, I checked it with my computer's diagnostics. It was dead. Dead as a doornail. Permanently dead. I ended up buying a new battery (my extended warranty did not cover the battery). The new laptop battery cost me $80. Yes, $80. Then I happened to discover that I could not easily and simply dispose of the old dead laptop battery; I could not simply throw it away, I had to take it to a recycling depot, a recycling drop-off place that accepted laptop batteries.

OK, fair enough. Sounds reasonable, doesn't it? It wasn't. It isn't. I spent 30 minutes online just trying to find a place near me that recycled used dead laptop batteries. The nearest place that would take my old battery was nowhere near where I live. I live in Los Angeles, the second most populous city in America. Recycling places should be everywhere, right? Wrong! I had to drive to a Best Buy store ... the closest place to me that recycles dead laptop batteries. The Best Buy store was 10 miles out of my way, and took me 1 hour, just to specifically drive over there and drop off my one (1) used dead notebook battery. Is that an efficient use of my time and vehicle? I probably caused more pollution and damage to the environment driving to and from the recycling place than I would have if I threw the old battery in the trash!

As California teeters on the brink of bankruptcy and suffers from massive unemployment and the worst real estate depression in its history its legislators are dicking around with used batteries. Now I know for sure, there is no doubt, when it comes to insanity, California state legislators, the California EPA, and their environmental extremism have no limits! None. It's stupifying. And worthy of a Stu Pitt Award.

Here is what I emailed a friend of mine, before I awarded California this Stu Putt Award: "In California throwing away used batteries in the trash is against the law. Against the laws of the state, the environment, and against the laws of God. It's probably in the bible! "Thou shalt not throw thy batteries in thine trash".

Soon, throwing away used batteries in the trash in California may be punishable by life imprisonment or the death penalty, depending on the mood of the judge. Unless you are an illegal alien, then you can do whatever you want.

Up until February 8, 2006, California residents were allowed to throw away any 'spent' battery in the trash. Now the nanny state of California makes you take your used batteries to a hazardous waste recycling depot. No matter how far away it may be from where you live or work. Every battery. Every time. Don't pollute. Don't be a criminal!

And soon I expect to hear, "don't forget to recycle your used condoms too! Drive them to a hazardous waste recycling depot. Every condom. Every time."

Besides being a crime, throwing batteries in the trash in California can also create global battery warming, can lead to obesity, is a major cause of marijuana, heroin and methamphetimine use, is a contributing cause of drunk driving, bullying, poverty, sexting, ADHD, restless leg syndrome, erectile dysfunction, terrorism, and thinking like a Republican. Don't do it!

Remember, God is watching you! Mother Nature is watching you! The State of California is watching you. And so is every extreme environmentalist wacko. Recycle or die!"

What's next, California green police?

Congratulations to the State of California. For your stupid extreme environmental legislation which makes it a CRIME to throw away even 1 little AAA or AA battery, this week you deservedly earned the Stu Pitt award.