This week The Stu Pitt Award goes to ...


for selling expired vitamins

So, I was taking all my pills this morning and I decided to see what percentage of my minimum daily requirements my 1000 units of vitamin D was. It's more than enough for maintenance of my doctor prescribed treatment for severe vitamin D deficiency. However, I then noticed the expiration date on the vitamin D bottle. Jan 2009. OMG! 2009? WTF? That was 4+ years ago! The vitamins I bought 2 weeks ago at my local CVS expired nearly 5 years ago??? I was stunned. Then, I realized with horror that I have been taking them for 10 days. If they are useless in potency have I relapsed into vitamin D deficiency?

Selling vitamins that expired 5 years ago? Really? This is inexcusable for a pharmacy, ANY pharmacy, to have vitamins on their shelves that expired nearly 5 years ago! Especially if those vitamins are prescribed by a doctor - to treat a serious and severe deficiency.

I plan on going to CVS today and giving the store manager my full (and loud) wrath! And I plan on also getting a replacement bottle of vitamin D. One that is not years past its expiration date. In addition, I will also email CVS corporate headquarters about this inexcusably poor (and, in my case, potentially harmful) product vending. Luckily, I happened to look at the label on this bottle. BEFORE I took all 30 days of these worthless and expired vitamins.

Congratulations CVS, for selling worthless vitamins that expired almost 5 years ago, you deservedly earned this week's Stu Pitt Award!

P.S. I went to CVS Sunday and confronted the store manager. He denied that the store sells expired vitamins and said they check the expiration date every 2 weeks or so. He then showed me the shelf of vitamins and confirmed that CVS does not even have the bottle that I bought. The brand, yes, the exact type of vitamin D that I bought, no. Though I do not keep my receipts from CVS, I told him I was absolutely positive that I bought them there about 2 weeks ago. I remember it well and even told him that CVS had so many vitamins on their shelves that I spent 15 minutes trying to find the 1,000 units of vitamin D that I did buy. As I checked the shelves yesterday, I saw that the store now only carries vitamin D3. No D, just D3. My vitamin bottle was nowhere to be found on the vitamin shelves. Hmm. The store manager kept denying that the bottle was purchased at the store.

So, who was right, the manager or me? The classic battle of the store versus the stupid consumer who doesn't have a receipt.

The manager then scanned my bottle with his hand-held scanner and, magically, my bottle came up as being in CVS's inventory! Not currently on their shelves but definitely in their inventory. How about that!?