fourth hand smoke

Fourth Hand Smoke.
What Is It? Can It Kill You?

You’ve heard of second hand smoke. And by now you may even have heard of third hand smoke, which is hazardous cigarette smoke which, after it’s expelled into the air, lands on surfaces and stays there, causing a slow and agonizing death to everyone who enters or frequents the infected area.

Now, there is a newly discovered hazard of cigarette smoke. Fourth hand smoke. Fourth hand smoke? What is fourth hand smoke? Fourth hand smoke is an IMAGINARY smoking hazard. If anti-smoking zealots and government health officials simply THINK cigarette smoke is unhealthy and/or hazardous, then it is. It becomes immediate irrefutable scientific fact. It doesn’t matter what the science proves or does not prove, we all know that cigarette smoke is always deadly!

Smoking is the second leading cause of death, right after stupidity. Smoking kills! Every smoker, everywhere!

And now, for the first time, just hating the idea of smoking, and smokers, is enough. Now, just thinking that cigarette smoke is hateful and harmful is socially acceptable and politically correct, giving way to an official new and deadly smoking hazard, “fourth hand smoke”.

Want to light up? Don’t even THINK about it. If you even think about lighting up, in the minds of politicians and anti-smoking zealots, you will be creating fourth hand smoke. And you will be rightfully shunned in public, and taxed to death.

Stay tuned for fifth hand smoke. Fifth hand smoke? What's fifth hand smoke? Fifth hand smoke is the deadly smoking hazard that exists when somebody even KNOWS a smoker!