From the CDC ...

"Phone calls to poison centers related to liquid nicotine poisoning rose from one per month in September 2010 to 215 a month by February of this year, according to the report."

Stu Pitt says ...

215 people a month got sick by stupidly drinking e-liquid? 215 a month out of a population of 316 MILLION? The 215 did not all die, they just got sick. Let's put that into perspective. According to the CDC there were " ... 42,917 total poisoning deaths in 2010 (the latest stats I could find).

42,000+ versus 200 a month. 42,000+ poisoning DEATHS vs 200 people a month getting sick and there's a irrational political panic to regulate and/or ban e-cigs? Hmm. Sounds like a conspiracy to me. Ban e-cigs? "Overdose deaths involving prescription painkillers rose to 16,651 in 2010, the CDC researchers found". 16,000+ deaths a year from prescription painkillers. Here's an idea: if local, state and federal governments are so worried about toxic chemicals and death and public health why don't they ban those first?!

As of this writing, as far as I can tell from all the news sources I can find, NOT ONE person has died from e-liquid poisoning!

215 people per month (out of 316 million) are stupidly drinking e-liquid and DON'T die ... and for THAT the government wants to ban e-cigs?

Irrational. Irresponsible. Insane.

Where's my America? Give it back!