vaginas and penises can be addictive

Vaginas and penises can be addictive?

The FDA now has new rules regulating e-cigs. Among the new FDA regulations are "new health warnings will note that the nicotine they contain can be addictive".

Stu Pitt says: as for the warning, "Nicotine can be addictive", name me something that CAN'T be addictive! Breathing can be addictive! Texting can be addictive. Food can be addictive. Money can be addictive. Sugar can be addictive. Drugs can be addictive. Alcohol can be addictive. SEX can be addictive! That being the case, if sex can be addictive (and it can), shouldn't the FDA require warning labels on vaginas and penises?

Penises can also be addictive. (I know mine is)