The State of California has added a very stupid addition to a very stupid proposed law (called AB1500). It's regarding the online sale of e-cigarettes to adults in California.

The proposed law has been amended to adversely affect those adults in California who buy e-cigs online. The amendment would "Require that delivery be signed for an adult and that the adult provide proof of age via a government-issued identification bearing a photograph"

Is the government of the State of California CRAZY? This amendment interferes with my rights as an adult consumer in California, which last time I checked, is STILL in America! If I buy e-cigs online, as an adult consumer of a legal product I should NOT have to be FORCED by the government to sign for delivery and PROVE I'm well over the age of 50!!! That would be CRAZY! And stupid. And un-American. Not to mention that will make the post office letter carrier's job a lot more difficult and time consuming.

This is a stupid amendment. No, you can't fix stupid but you can vote it out. I plan on doing that at the next election!

P.S. thanks solely to using e-cigs, and buying them online, after 50 years of smoking, I have not smoked a cigarette since December 7, 2011.