HP tech support too slow

It's Saturday morning, early. My HP Touchsmart computer is making a loud whirring sound. Like the fan is working overtime. Hmm. I decided to call HP tech support and have them check it out. I looked up the phone number and the hours of operation on HP's website. The HP website said that tech support for my product was available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Good. I called the number. I pressed "1 for English" and proceeded through the voice tree. After 10 minutes on hold, having spoken to no one yet, I wondered if HP tech support was actually closed on the weekend and had not updated their website info. If that was the case, I was going to be on hold until Monday! Finally, after endless waiting, someone picked up the phone. From India.

I had been on hold for 29 minutes!

Unacceptable! I had stayed on hold just to see how long it took for a tech support person to answer. It took nearly 30 freakin minutes!

HP. You can't have your loyal customers waiting 30 minutes to get help! They will no longer be loyal.

And, what about my whirring fan issue? Did they fix it? Turns out my computer was out of warranty, they would not deal with my problem, and wanted to switch me to a different department. I hung up the phone.