Washington Redskins

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The U.S. Patent Office ruled Wednesday that the Washington Redskins nickname is "disparaging of Native Americans" and that the team's federal trademarks for the name must be canceled.

Yet, at the same time, according to washington.cbslocal: "In the only recent poll to ask native people about the subject, 90 percent of respondents did not consider the term offensive ..."

Stu Pitt says: 90% of Native Americans don't mind? Who's offended??? Not the vast majority of the Native Americans. It's the LIBERALS who are offended. Is the crazy liberal U.S. government AGAIN passing stupid laws and regulations and controlling private citizens' behavior? Making up more politically correct shit that isn't true and doesn't make sense?

Hey, Washington, where is my America? Where is our freedom and opportunity? What have you done with it? Give it back! NOW.