minimum wage robots?

NEW YORK (AP) — The robots are coming. Lowe's is testing whether new robots on wheels can improve its customer service, like helping a shopper find a match for something as simple as a nail.

Four robots are being tested an Orchard Supply Hardware store owned by Lowe's Companies Inc. in San Jose, California.

The robots dubbed OSHbots look like white columns with two large black screens on either side of them, and wheels to help them move. They are equipped with 3D cameras so they can scan and identify items. And customers can research items they want to buy on their screen. Then the robot can lead them to the aisle where an item is located.

Stu Pitt says

Will robots eventually replace retail employees? Are robots the response to the increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour? Will retail businesses soon use robots instead of low-level human employees? Undoubtedly. Robots are cheaper (no raises, no benefits, no pensions) and robots will always show up and do their job. No slackers.

Hmm. Robots replacing retail workers. That's the real world response to liberals, and liberal politicians, forcing business to provide a $15 an hour minimum income to unskilled workers. Soon, as more and more robots replace workers, there will be NO minimum wage workers. Only robots. Does that help unskilled workers make a living? No. There will be NO jobs for young people starting out. NO jobs for those with no skills.

That's what happens when liberals dictate to the real world: the people liberals want to help get royally screwed.