pet rabbits must be microchipped

typical pet rabbit in L.A.

From the Beverly Hills Courier newspaper:

"Pet rabbits in Los Angeles must be microchipped under a policy adopted by the Los Angeles City Council today.

The City Attorney was instructed draft an amended ordinance to reflect the requirement approved 13-0 by the council.

The cost of adopting a rabbit will go up from $56 to $71 in order to include the $15 microchipping fee. The costs include the $16 adoption fee, a $40 deposit for spaying or neutering, and the expense of microchipping the rabbit.

Last year, 918 rabbits were adopted in Los Angeles, according to city records."

The purpose of the microchip? The stated purpose of the microchip is to be able to return lost or runaway rabbits to the rightful owner. I kid you not.

Mandatory microchips for rabbits? Really? L.A. has many critical problems, including the worst traffic congestion in the nation, high unemployment, high taxes, high rents and real estate prices, high poverty rates, lousy schools, drought, gangs and other major serious issues. And the Los Angeles City Council is spending taxpayer time and money regulating RABBITS? Are you kidding me??? Apparently not.