let there be light

Let there be light

"And on the 785th day, there was light."

It took 2 years for Public Works to fix a streetlight in L.A. "Not that anyone on this quiet cul de sac in Sherman Oaks (an upscale suburb of Los Angeles) actually remembers the exact date when it happened. After all, it was a bit less than a Biblical-like miracle when their solitary streetlight stopped flickering, dimming and going dark night after night for more than two years and was restored to full strength."

It took 2 years to fix a streetlight?

"The Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting disputes the time-frame for fixing Streetlight No. 18546, even though their official logs show the complaint for the requested repair was logged on Dec. 8, 2011, and the date the ticket was closed was Jan. 31, 2014." - dailynews.com

Let there be light and, finally, after 2 years, there WAS light. For these residents of Los Angeles, thanks to L.A.'s wonderfully attentive government, they were literally living in the Dark Ages.

Los Angeles City Council members earn a whopping $185,000 a year. Hmm. I bet THEY get the lights on THEIR street fixed--fast.