bad now good

"You may have heard whispers that the artificial sweetener saccharin (commonly known as Sweet‘N Low) is a carcinogen. But according to a new study presented today at the 249th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society, it could actually be useful in developing treatments for aggressive cancers by deactivating a protein found to facilitate the spread of cancer."

OK, for years, the medical profession said sugar was bad for you and artificial sweeteners were bad for you. Now saccharin is a good chemical? And I heard that sugar is now good for you, too. And for decades, we were told that saturated fat was bad for you. Now, new medical research says that saturated fat is good for you.

Hey, all you medical researchers, suddenly, everything that you told us was bad for us is now good for us! And everything that you told us was good for us is now bad for us! Make up your damn mind: sugar or no sugar, sweetener or no sweetener, fat or no fat? Which is it??? Medical researchers need to get on the same page--because now I don't know what's healthy or unhealthy--and I don't know what to eat!!!