daylight savings

Yesterday was the first day of something called "springtime" Daylight Savings Time. Daylight Savings Time is forced upon us by the government. For Spring, on a certain date, at two o'clock in the morning, we are forced to turn the clocks ahead one hour. And lose an hour of sleep. The government forces people to lose an hour's sleep? This sounds like a punishment to me!

I, like three hundred million other Americans, was forced to do it, and, as a result, I awoke the next morning at my usual time: 6:30 AM. Except, according to my body (and not the clock), it was actually 5:30 AM. Ugh. I lost an hour's sleep. I was tired. Maybe I was tired because the government deprived me of an hour's worth of sleep! Ugh. I got up out of bed anyway. I went to the window and looked out. It was totally dark. Ugh.

The only good thing I can look forward to regarding Daylight Savings Time in March is that, at the end of the day, it is still light outside for an extra hour.

Is gaining an extra hour's worth of daylight worth losing an hour's sleep? That's some choice: one hour less of sleep or one hour more of daylight. And the winner is ....?