At this stage of my life (old), my tolerance for frustration is zero. Every little thing becomes a major pain in the ass and I overreact to each and every frustration. Is it just age? Maybe. Or maybe it's that everything in life is no longer simple but is overly complicated. EVERYTHING today is complicated and frustrating.

Getting customer service is frustrating: you often have to jump through hoops, and navigate incomprehensible voice trees, just to get help with something you bought and paid for. "Press 1 for English"? Fuck you!

As for electronic devices, no one over the age of 11 can figure out how to use a cell phone or a computer. And who can get in and drive a new car? No one. Today, you have to take a class in order just to learn how to operate your car. Everything today is way too complicated and way beyond my ability to learn, or do, anything. As a result, on behalf of everyone over the age of 11, I am calling for ALL electronic devices to create devices which operate as if the user is an idiot (which we are). I am calling for all makers of all electronic devices to make the fucking things work by simply verbally telling the device what you want it to do--and it just DOES it! I don't want to know the inner workings of a device. I don't want to learn how to operate it--I just want to tell it to do what I want. Even a car, which used to be a mechanical device, is an electronic device. I don't want to learn how to program my car's computer--I just want to DRIVE it, and maybe play the radio. I just want to be able to tell the radio: "Radio, find me rock & roll" and bing-bang-boom, it's done. "OK, radio, now turn up the volume!"

I do not want to become my own doctor, learn how to be my own auto mechanic, or my own electronic device programmer. I have no interest in doing that, no tolerance for it, and no ability to do ANY of it.

The world has become overly complicated. Let's simplify it! Let's start with electronic devices, electronic devices that listen ... and then do what we tell it to do.