live to be 100

(From CBS News)

How do you live to be 100? To find out, UnitedHealthcare's 10th annual 100@100 survey asked centenarians for their attitudes and opinions on health, family and life.

Keeping a positive attitude topped the list of ways to stay healthy, with a quarter of centenarians saying it was the most important factor to a long life. Eating healthy was second on the list, followed by getting regular exercise and keeping busy.

Feeling youthful was also important. More than half of centenarians surveyed said that they actually feel twenty years younger than they are, which reinforces their sense of optimism.

Sixty percent of survey participants said they don't feel old at all.

my additional response:

95% of the 100-year-old men surveyed said that seeing "pretty girls with big tits" also made them feel younger--MUCH younger.