new trendy phrase

California is having a severe drought. Lawns and hillsides are turning brown from lack of water. Conserving water is a serious matter. Angelenos are being urged to limit taking showers, limit washing their cars and watering their lawns and to cut their water usage by up to 25% or more.

The other day, in the midst of our long and severe drought in trendy hip Los Angeles, I discovered a new trendy phrase. The newest and trendiest phrase. What is it and how did I discover it?

While walking into a local upscale trendy supermarket I noticed a bunch of small plants for sale displayed outside the entrance to the store. Some of the plants were cacti. The display was labeled: "drought resistant". There it is, the newest trendiest phrase in L.A. hipsterdom. Drought resistant. Now, everything will soon have to be drought resistant. Bottled water will have to be made drought resistant. Toothpaste will have to be drought resistant. Pet food will have to be drought resistant. Medications will have to be drought resistant. EVERYTHING in L.A. will have to be drought resistant if it wants to be trendy. Even vaginas and breasts will have to be drought resistant! Penises too.

Welcome to trendy, and dry, L.A.