from dusk to dusk

Turn on your headlights!

Dusk is the transition between daylight and darkness. The sky is still lit, the streets and roads are not yet lit. It is the time when many vehicular accidents take place, because it is somewhat more difficult to see things without light. While driving at dusk yesterday I witnessed at least a dozen cars that did not have their headlights on. No headlights, no parking lights, nothing. I could barely see the unlighted oncoming cars. This is very dangerous, for the driver of the unlit car, for me and for other drivers.

I also noticed that even some brand new cars did not have their lights on. Newer vehicles have an automatic feature which turns on a car's headlights when it gets dark. Yet, these drivers did not have that feature selected. Instead, they were subjecting themselves to trying to see - and drive - in near dark conditions, and driving while other drivers could not easily see their vehicle. Not only is that dumb, it's dangerous!

When daylight is done, and you decide to drive, DRIVE SAFE - TURN ON YOUR LIGHTS!