more government more cats

From MyNewsLA

A Los Angeles City Council committee will consider Wednesday a proposal to raise the number of cats allowed per household from three to five.

Los Angeles households are currently only allowed to keep a maximum of three spayed or neutered cats, whether indoor or outdoor.

Under the proposal before the council’s Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee, households would be able to keep up to five spayed or neutered cats, though all must be kept indoors.

If the Animal Services Department’s proposal is ultimately approved by the full City Council, the City Attorney’s Office would be asked to prepare and bring back an ordinance with the new cat limit.

Allowing more cats? THIS is what the Los Angeles City Council is spending taxpayer time and money on? Apparently, deciding whether or not to allow people to have 2 more cats in L.A. is more important to the elected City Council than creating jobs, reducing the absolute horrific traffic congestion, reducing local taxes and regulations, and promoting more affordable housing - NONE of which they have done in the past decade. Instead, the Los Angeles City Council has been cat napping.