students can't read

from MyNewsLa

The California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress, was administered to about 3.2 million students across California in the spring. Los Angeles Unified School District students fared slightly worse, with only 10 percent exceeding the English standard, 23 percent meeting the standard, 26 percent nearly meeting the benchmark and 41 percent not meeting it.

LAUSD Superintendent Ramon Cortines stressed that it is too early to be “pleased or displeased” with the results, saying they will “provide a roadmap for how we can better prepare our students for college or the workforce.”

“As we all expected, the overall results of these more rigorous assessments show that we still have more work to do,” Cortines said. “However, we are committed to strengthening our efforts and providing the support our students need to meet these challenging new standards.”

41% of students in Los Angeles don't meet the standard for English? Nearly half of students in the L.A. school system can't read or write English? And the Los Angeles school Superintendent stresses that it's "too early to be pleased or displeased"? It appears to me that the school system in L.A. is a complete and utter failure - and has been for decades! Yet, nothing is done to fix the problem. Here is my solution. "Hey, all you L.A. taxpayer-paid politicians, taxpayer-paid teachers and taxpayer-paid school administrators, in the words of Donald Trump, "You're FIRED!" And, since they have all failed, for many decades, it's time for government-run school systems, where way too many kids can't read or write English or do basic math, to be replaced with "privatized" schools. Privatized education, where there will be actual accountability, excellent efficiency, and much much better results. Our kids need to read!