medicare is stupid is stupid, really stupid.

I'm on medicare and today I went to log in to my account online. I did so in order to convert my monthly medical summary from snail mail to electronic delivery, which will save the government paper, time and money. is the government run website for medicare. I have an account there and my medicare info is kept there, online. I go to log in to my account and it won't let me. I get a notice that my password has to be updated every 60 days. This is for privacy protection. And the new password must be different from the previous six (6) passwords. That makes it IMPOSSIBLE for me to remember (or write down) my password, or store it on my computer, if I have to keep changing it every 60 days. I'm old - I am NOT going to try to dream up a brand new 8-16 character password every 2 months and write it down somewhere or try to remember it.

Being very annoyed at this, I find a feedback area on the website and decided to send feedback about this issue to the government. I clicked on "Submit Feedback to". Nothing happened. It did not go to a feedback form or another page or anywhere. Nothing happened. I clicked on it 5 times, with the same result. This, of course, made me even more annoyed and disgusted. They invite you to send feedback but prevent you from doing so!

Thanks to the idiots who are forcing medicare recipients - old people - to do something they can't do - create and remember a new password every 60 days - I will no longer be using the website. Nearly 50 million people are on medicare in the United States. In trying to protect us, by forcing us to change our password every 60 days, medicare has made old people's lives more difficult. And that's just plain stupid!