Minimum Wage Enforcement

couldn't afford to pay its workers $15/hr?


"The Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to create an office to help enforce Los Angeles County’s new minimum wage and prevent “wage theft.”

Supervisor Hilda Solis recommended setting up the program to investigate claims of wage theft.

“This is a big historic step for us,” Solis told her colleagues. “It sends a strong message to employers, especially those that don’t play by the rules.”

The vote was 4-1, with Supervisor Michael Antonovich dissenting. He said it was the state’s job to enforce wage theft and he’d rather see the $408,000 needed to set up the new office spent on social service programs."

Another government office? At a set up cost of $400,000? OK, I will support creating a new government office to enforce the $15 minimum wage regulations in Los Angeles - as long as the city government workers in that office are paid no more than the minimum wage.