missing the point

Donald Trump is running for President in 2016.

Donald Trump is a successful businessman, a political outsider, a fighter, and an immature child-man who sometimes speaks before he thinks. He is not a politician. He doesn't care. And he makes lots of faux pas. He often goes too far. The media covers Trump extensively, especially when he says something inappropriate. And endless TV debates ensue as to whether Trump is a qualified or suitable candidate. That is not the point. The point is that the 2016 Presidential race is not about Donald Trump at all, or about how qualified or unqualified he is. The 2016 Presidential race about how lousy - and out of touch - all politicians in America are. Including the other politically correct Presidential candidates, of both parties. Supporting Donald Trump is a rebellion. A revolution. Americans are disgusted with their politically motivated elected officials. It's not so much that Americans with a brain in their head want Donald Trump as President, it's that they don't want another unaccountable lying political asshole to be running the country, running it further into the ground.

Enough is enough! Here's a message to all elected politicians in America. In the words of Donald Trump: