shame on your dick

LA may send ‘Dear John’ letters to hooker cruisers.

"Men who cruise streets where prostitutes beckon may soon get letters from the city of Los Angeles in their home mailboxes, under a proposal from the city council.

But privacy advocates blasted the proposal to use automated license plate readers to generate the letters, which would be aimed at shaming “Johns” by alerting their wives, mothers or girlfriends as they open the mail, the Los Angeles Daily News reported Thursday."

Really? The City of Los Angeles wants to send "Shame on Your Dick" letters to men who drive or stop their car in a neighborhood that has hookers?

They want to send "Shame On Your Dick" letters that may be opened by mothers, wives or girlfriends?

THIS is a priority for the City Council in the second largest city in America? Really? And voters elected these idiots?

Instead of shaming guys who can't get laid, maybe the Los Angeles City Council should be concentrating on the critical problems facing residents, problems like high poverty, no new job creation, unaffordable housing, lousy schools, violent crime, and mind numbing traffic congestion. Shame on YOU.