toilet to tap

urine - California's new water

California has had a severe drought for 4 years. There is not enough water from natural sources.

from msn news

"Now comes "toilet-to-tap" water, a concept, which involves treating sewage water for human consumption. Toilet to tap had until now failed to gain traction in the water-starved West Coast state largely due to the "yuck factor"

The idea, for many, may be too hard to swallow.

Few could stomach the idea that water coming out of a tap -- however purified -- was being flushed down a toilet just hours before.

But as California's historic drought drags on, experts and politicians are taking a serious look at "toilet to tap" options to guarantee long-term water supply."

Yes, this stuff is actually true. My response? Yeah, I'm gonna trust the government to turn toilet water into drinkable water. Why not, they do everything else so well. Not. Hey, maybe Californians can just start drinking their own urine, direct from their genitals, and eliminate the middleman. Or maybe Coke and Pepsi could start bottling and selling it. Diet Coke Urine? Pepsi Pee?

Who knows, drinking urine could be the next big trend in trendy California. Oh, wait a minute, I live there, let's NOT do it.