fat school kids

Before and after. Which is healthier?

from Livestrong.com

"Ninety percent of all public high schools in the United States teach ninth- and 10th-graders basic nutrition, while 80 percent offer nutrition education to 11th- and 12th-graders, too, according to the Institute of Education Sciences.

The overall goal in teaching nutrition to high school students is to give them the tools they need to make healthy eating choices for a lifetime. The way the nutrition curriculum looks across public high schools can vary, but almost all of them attempt to accomplish similar goals."

From stateofobesity.org,"According to the latest Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS) national survey (2013), 13.7 percent of high school students were obese, and 16.6 percent were overweight."

OK, so why are there so many overweight/obese kids at the high school level? The overweight/obesity rate for high school students in America is 30%. Nearly 1 out of 3 high schoolers is not healthy weightwise?! If high school students are being taught good nutrition in school, and there are still way too many kids in high school who are overweight or obese, obviously teaching nutrition in high school is not working. What's the problem? Are students not listening? Are they too stupid to learn? Do potato chips and ice cream and sugar-laden drinks taste too good to give up? Are they being taught proper nutrition or are they being taught mainly to be politically correct in their eating habits? Should the PARENTS have mandatory nutrition lessons?

Too many kids in America are too fat. It's not healthy and it condemns them to an unhealthy life later on. High school students in America deserve to be healthy and maintain a healthy weight - and 30% are not. Whatever the problem is, fix it.

No, I am not fat shaming high school kids, I am fat shaming the public school system.