tampon tax

from TeenVogue

"Two legislators in California want to save the women in their state from paying sales tax on a very basic necessity — feminine hygiene products, such as tampons and menstrual pads.

Dubbed the "tampon tax," Democrat Cristina Garcia and Republican Ling Ling Chang joined forces this week to introduce a new measure to exempt feminine hygiene products from the California sales tax. They're arguing that the extra cost is an undue burden on women, especially poor ones, and that tampons are an unavoidable purchase for most women. Garcia and Chang also see the measure as a move to bring "gender equity to California’s tax code."

The tampon tax? This is what State of California legislators think is a critical issue facing California residents? What about job creation, poverty, unaffordable housing, crime, horrific traffic congestion? No, the tampon tax is more important? Really? Guess what, condoms are taxable in California. Hey, California legislative ladies, what about us men? We men are subject to condoms being taxed. The Trojan Tax. Like the tax on tampons the Trojan Tax is a burden on men, especially poor men. Men want gender equality and fair and equal taxation too. If you legislators are going to dump the Tampon Tax you have to dump the Trojan Tax too.

UPDATE: On June 2, 2016 The California State Assembly approved a bill Thursday that would make tampons and other feminine products exempt from sales and use taxes at the state and local level after its author said it was unfair to penalize women. Next,the bill goes to the California Senate for action. There is no exemption in the bill for condoms, thus giving females special treatment and discriminates against males.

UPDATE: In September 2016 The tampon tax bill was vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown. But then, he's a guy.