Don't Talk About Freedom of Speech

Protestors forced Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, to cancel a rally in Chicago. It is rumored that it was also an organized protest which included organized protest groups such as Black Lives Matter, supporters of socialist, Bernie Sanders, and spurred on by politically extreme left wing liberal organization, The protest was designed to disrupt the speech by Trump and take away his right to speak in public.

Left wing radicals should be ashamed of themselves for shutting down other people's access to free speech. They certainly would be vocally and instantly up in arms if the other side (conservatives) did that to them! Liberals would be the first to scream, "Freedom of Speech cannot be denied!" Yet, in Chicago, they denied the ability to speak freely to Donald Trump, and tens of thousands of his followers, who disagree with the protestors' liberal or socialist views.

If young people are not taught by their teachers in school or their parents at home, about American freedom, or two-way fairness, shame on teachers and parents. If YOU want to speak or protest peacefully against an issue(s), that's fine, but you must also allow the other side to peaceably assemble and speak freely. THAT is what gives you YOUR freedom. If, on the other hand, you do away with somebody else's Freedom of Speech, don't be surprised if they do away with yours.