letterboxing sucks

My old Kindle tablet is ready to be replaced. It served its purpose well (Netflix, email, reading, browsing) but I wanted an operating system that does more. I investigated the best new 8-inch android and IOS tablets on the market. I spent hours doing research online. I narrowed it down to the new Ipad and the new Samsung 8-inch tablets. Both cost $399. Plus tax and carrying case. Before I spend $500 on a new tablet I wanted to see the tablets in person and compare them. I went to a store that had the iPad in stock. I was not impressed with the high resolution screen and it's video playback picture. The videos were just not sharp enough. It didn't WOW me. My old $200 Kindle HDX 7-inch tablet had a brighter more colorful sharper picture. For viewing Netflix and videos, I was disappointed with the iPad. Next, I went to another store to see the new Samsung 8-inch tablet. WOW! What a bright colorful screen! Now that's more like it! I was getting excited. My Netflix movies and TV shows would be rendered in beautiful sharp living color on this tablet. I loaded a movie trailer, turned the tablet sideways (landscape) and started the video. I immediately noticed that very thick black lines ran across the top and bottom of the screen, making the video look ... not good. What? I am used to seeing a movie or video taking up the whole screen (full screen). This new tablet was showing me only maybe 75% of the screen, the top and bottom cut off by black bars, called "letterboxing". It didn't look right. It was off putting. My eyes and my brain HATED it. WHY did tablet makers change the way videos and movies look, i.e. letterboxing? I found out why (it's technical) but, to my eyes and brain, it looks just plain WRONG! I refuse to watch Netflix movies or TV shows on a device that has THICK black bars at the top and bottom of the screen which noticeably compresses the picture and makes viewing annoying and difficult. And, no, I don't think I can get used to it. The cause of this is how the entertainment business makes movies and TV shows. Movie and TV directors changed the "aspect ratio" of their media and, to properly accommodate that, electronic device makers have added letterboxing on the computer or tablet screen.

It appears that perhaps ALL new computers and tablets will feature the stupid unwatchable letterboxing. That being the case, I will be giving up Netflix and will stop watching movies and TV shows online. It is/was one of my major and most enjoyable daily hobbies. Now, the enjoyment is gone. My enjoyment is gone, and replaced by stupid unwatchable letterboxing, thanks to movie and TV directors and electronic device makers. Thanks a lot, you stupid idjiots!

Well, at least I will save $500, by not buying a new tablet.