A Supernatural experience

I have been watching the TV series, "Supernatural", on Netflix. I really like the show, it's terrific! The show is about two brothers who are "hunters", i.e. humans who fight supernatural demons. So far, I have watched 10 full seasons. Yes, this TV show has been on for 11 years! So far I have watched 230 episodes, thankfully not all at once! I usually watch one episode per night. Every night. 7 days a week. On Netflix. Thus, Supernatural has supplied me with 32 straight weeks of nightly entertainment and enjoyment. And, over these past 32 weeks, I have looked forward to viewing every single episode and have not been disappointed once!

The show's characters are very interesting, very entertaining, extremely well developed and unpredictable. The demons are truly fascinating if not downright scary. I don't know how they dreamed up the hundreds of incredible demons who have appeared in the show over the 11 seasons, along with the remarkable special effects. And kudos to the writers of this show - they are amazingly creative and the dialogue is always a delight!

My thanks to everyone involved in this wonderful show. Thanks to you all, I have had a Supernatural experience. I am also especially fond of the main characters: Sam and Dean Winchester (hunters), Crowley (The King of Hell), Castiel (a heavenly angel), Bobby Singer (older hunter and friend of Sam and Dean and who often calls someone an idjiot) and Charlie, the red-haired hacker/hunter lesbian. And my special thanks to Netflix, who has allowed me to partake of 10 seasons of this terrific TV show.

Thank you "Supernatural". Thank you Netflix. You have entertained me and enriched my life.