New definition for Pi

Pi is a math symbol. 3.14 etc. I am now using it to mean something else. Pi. The letters P and I. It now will also mean politically incorrect. Pi.

Political correctness has gone too far. It's time to fight back, with Pi! I am sick of extreme political correctness. It's getting ridiculous. It's everywhere. It's TOO extreme. It's enough! I am fighting back. With Pi. I am now using the Pi symbol to stand for Political Incorrectness, in reaction to Political Correctness gone too far. I will use it as a signature in my emails. I will put it on my blog. On my social media. I will design a hat with the Pi symbol on it and wear it proudly. Maybe I'll have lots of stuff with Pi on it. I'm fighting back. I've had enough.

This extreme political correctness must end. Stop the Extreme Political Correctness. Stop it now.


I am starting a movement for all of us who are not extreme liberals - and who are fed up with all the extreme political correctness. Let's end the extreme political correctness, it's gone too far. Way too far. It's time for some common sense. Some sanity. Some reality. It's time for a backlash movement to stop extreme political correctness. I am starting this movement. Right here, right now. And I am using the Pi symbol as the logo for this movement. It stands for, "I oppose extreme political correctness". Let's stop the extreme liberals and all the outrageous extreme political correctness. Let's stop it NOW. Join me. Cut & paste the symbol below, add your own caption if you wish, and use it to protest extreme political correctness!

I am Pi

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