woman drives into lake

A woman in Ontario, Canada, trying to navigate a foggy night ended up driving straight into Lake Huron Thursday, according to police.

The 23-year-old Kitchener, Ontario, resident was following her car’s GPS when she somehow lost her way and drove into the lake. It was after midnight when she took the fateful turn, and suddenly felt her red Toyota Yaris filling with sub-40 degree water as it sank.

Thinking quickly, the woman managed to roll down the windows before the vehicle disappeared below the surface, and swam to shore.

Apparently, no alcohol was involved in the incident and the driver will not be charged.

She followed her GPS and ended up in a lake? Epic fail! Thankfully, the young lady was not drunk, was not texting while driving, was not killed and was not charged by police. Maybe the GPS should be charged, with stupidity!