balcony laundry

Balcony laundry

Lately, my large upscale apartment complex in L.A. is starting to resemble parts of Europe, or a third-world slum. This is due in part to management renting to short term overseas tourists and to students.

Many tenants now routinely put all manner of clothes outside to dry. Not just bathing suits and dirty wet towels after a dip in our pool or jacuzzi but residents and guests also hang dry all their underwear, shirts, pants, socks, etc on the balcony. It's unsightly, like litter. And then they just leave the clothes on the balcony for days, sometimes weeks, well after the stuff is dry.

Unlike a number of other countries, in America we not only have washing machines we also have driers. Please use them. Why? Because, regarding outdoor balconies, I don't want to see panties and bras out there drying. Unless a woman is in them.