dick dick

A neighbor of mine, who is a Baby Boomer, told me that she is adopting a more millennial attitude, the attitude of: "don't know, don't care". Dk, dc. Pronounced dick dick. She said she is now applying dick dick to most things in her life. I see more and more of the dick dick attitude among both men and women today. Why? Possibly because there is TMI (too much information) and we humans can't process it all. News bombards us 24/7 and includes every little thing that happens anywhere and everywhere. TMN (too much news). Add to that everybody using their cell phone to notify each other about every little thing. "Here's a pic of the food I'm going to eat now." Or a text: "I'm in the bathroom (or the shower)." Or sexting photos of their genitals.

We are afflicted with i.o. (information overload). A natural response to this is to shut a lot of stuff out, ignore it, dismiss it, to not know and not care. Dick dick.

Are people today really not knowing and not caring about more and more things in life? Um, dick dick. I don't know and I don't care.