they never ask me

They never ask for MY opinion

There are lots of opinion polls. There are opinion polls for everything. Poll topics include every aspect of society - elections, sex, food, pets, entertainment, hobbies and habits - name any subject and some organization is probably taking a poll on it. So why don't they ever poll ME? I never get polled. I never get a phone call or an email or online questionnaire or ANY invitation asking for my opinions on ANY topic reflecting the society in which I live. I'm part of society, why don't they ever ask MY opinion? I have lots of opinions, lots of beliefs, and lots of time to answer questions on a societal survey. Why don't the major polling organizations, like Gallup Poll, Harris Poll, Pew Research, and Nielsen (hey, I watch TV too!) ever poll ME? Every week (every day?) they poll thousands of people all across the nation. They never poll me. I have never been polled by a major polling organization, on any topic. Hey, I would enjoy making my opinions known for the record. I would like to be part of "public opinion". I DESERVE to be asked for my opinion on a subject. Yet I never am. I never get polled. Nobody calls me and asks who am I going to vote for - or why. Nobody ever calls and asks me if I believe in man-made global warming. Nobody calls me and asks if I think people who don't have celiac disease but eat only gluten-free food are malnourishing themselves.

Nobody ever polls me. There's thousands of polls being taken, on thousands of topics, and I never get to give my opinion on any of them. That makes me feel left out. I feel isolated and ignored. I feel like my opinion doesn't matter - and isn't being counted. Because it's NOT. Well, I've had enough! My opinion DOES matter! And that's why I write this blog.