billboard for a dream

I had a dream. A weird dream. I do not understand why I had the dream, it made no sense.

I dreamt that I was trying to access on my computer and could not access the website.

Billboard is a leading big time music publication. I have no real life reason, or interest, in going to

In my dream my computer was working fine and I could access other sites but, for some unknown reason, I was having trouble going to and was frustrated because, for some unknown reason, it was important that I go to In my dream accessing Billboard was an ongoing money making proposition for me (I don't know why) and that day this access was worth $4,000. Yet, for some unknown reason, I was unable to gain access to the site. There was no error message, my browser(s) simply could not access the website. I kept trying, with the same result. Then I woke up.

This was a weird dream. I never go to I have no reason to go to I am not in the music business. I don't write songs; books and blogs yes, songs, no. I don't know any performers or agents or managers or record company staff in the big time music business. Normally I don't even LISTEN to music! Why am I dreaming about being unable to access

A dream is supposed to reflect our emotions or outside influences. It's our brain absorbing, understanding and filing stuff, in it's own "language". I can understand dreaming about not accessing something, maybe I'm feeling blocked, shut out of something (I can't imagine what) but, a music business website? Where did THAT come from? So why did I have a weird dream about being unable to access the Billboard website? I have no idea. Any thoughts?