Parents as bad as teens

From NYDailyNews

"Parents of teens have just as egregious a screen habit as their tech-savvy offspring, a new report from the nonprofit Common Sense Media found.

The national survey of almost 1,800 parents of kids ages 8 to 18 found parents spent on average more than nine hours a day with TVs, computers, video game consoles, e-readers, smartphones and other devices — 82% of which was “personal screen media” rather than work-related."

According to NPR, "And despite spending a big chunk of their day with a device, most parents — 78 percent — told the researchers that they are modeling good media habits for their kids."

Good media models for their kids? Really? Parents spend 9 hours a day on their screens and think they are setting a good example for their children? Nine hours a day? If a parent works 8 hours, spends an hour getting to and from work, and gets 6 hours of sleep a night that comes to 15 hours per workday. That leaves 9 hours a day. So, parents, like their kids, are on their screens EVERY minute of their free time? OMG. That leaves no time for a family to talk together, to communicate without distraction, for a parent to teach their kids good values, no time for reality, no time for nature, no time for anything that does not involve a screen. In other words, parents have no time to parent. That is not good for society, or it's children.