I am not a gamer

I don't play video games. Or ignore reality and lose myself in an iPhone. I am a dinosaur. I live in the real world not online. Maybe here's the reason. The following is a direct quote from a Forbes.com reporter regarding, I think, gaming:

"Blizzard is killing me these days, releasing a new Hearthstone expansion last week and now a new Overwatch holiday this week. But I will do my duty and shell out on day one (hour one) for 100 new loot boxes so you can see what you might get, and how often you might get it.

This is Overwatch’s first holiday event that is not tied to an actual holiday. Previously, Blizzard said that they would not be doing St. Patrick’s Day/Easter events, and instead, this “Overwatch: Uprising” event is an entirely original creation, one that flashes back to glory days of Overwatch when the team was still together and hadn’t been cast to the wind like we’ve seen in present day, before Winston recalled them."

I did not understand one word of that. I assume it's "gamer language". If so, I'm too old to learn a new language. And not interested. For games, I'll stick with poker. Or backgammon. And, if I want to lose touch with reality, I'll wait for Alzheimer's. 

I wrote this in 2017.