Newest t-shirt style trend

I wear t-shirts. I also eat popsicles (sugar free) in the evening. Sometimes, the two are not compatible. Sometimes, the popsicle melts a bit while I am eating it, and popsicle juice drips on my t-shirt. Grape or cherry popsicle juice. It stains. It fades. It shows. I now have several t-shirts with small faded stains on the front. The stains did not come out in the laundry. Now, I am faced with a dilemma.

I can throw away, or give away, my stained t-shirts and buy new ones. Except, the stained t-shirts are older and soft and new t-shirts are not as good. I could experiment with laundry stain removers but it's too much trouble and I am not handy with stuff like that. Or, I could wear the stained t-shirts and have people stare at my stain and think I am unfashionably dirty. None of those choices are acceptable so I came up with an alternative acceptable clothing idea.

I am hereby making a new fashion statement. I am declaring the wearing of stained t-shirts to be fashionable. I am declaring stained t-shirts the new fashion rage. The new fashion trend. The new "cool". Yes, I will now wear my stained t-shirts with pride. "Hey, everybody, look at me, I'm wearing a t-shirt with faded stains on the front and it's cool. I'M cool!" That's better than having to buy new t-shirts. Or giving up my delicious sugar free popsicles.