Girl Scout cookies

The Girl Scouts have been selling cookies outside my local supermarket. I noticed that it was not easy or comfortable for them. Sales is not easy. I decided to help them. There were 2 girl scouts standing there selling cookies. They were about 11-years-old. I asked the moms of the 2 girl scouts if I could show the girls how to sell more cookies. They were delighted and said Yes. I addressed the 2 girls and told them, "Be more enthusiastic. Use over-the-top enthusiasm. You will sell more cookies. In fact, you will probably outsell all the other Girl Scouts." I told them to look at the incoming shoppers and, with lots of honest enthusiasm, loudly say, "HI! Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?!" I demonstrated. The moms laughed. The girls did not, they were busy paying attention. They were getting their minds around the new and improved method of selling their cookies.

I showed them how to do it again. I verbally addressed some incoming shoppers with an over-the-top enthusiastic, "HI! Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?!" Several shoppers stopped and considered buying some cookies. The girls saw that the over-the-top honest enthusiasm worked, and even worked for a non-girl-scout old guy.

I walked away happily. I had helped some youngsters. I had taught 2 young people a priceless secret of life. A lifelong secret of success. Enthusiasm. Honest enthusiasm. Honest enthusiasm is infectious. It invites and involves others. It uplifts people. It uplifts the person being enthusiastic. And it influences others in a positive way. People naturally respond to honest enthusiasm.

Whoever you are, you will sell more stuff, a lot more stuff, including yourself - and also attract other "good stuff" - when you are honestly enthusiastic.

Be honestly enthusiastic! Generate MORE enthusiasm! Be MORE enthusiastic! And reap the benefits every day - for the rest of your life.