Email spam scam

We all get email spam. Garbage. Junk. Emails we did not ask for and do not want. Occasionally, the email spam is an obvious scam. Like this Nigerian/Attorney General/FBI spam scam I received:

441 4th Street NW, Suite 1145S
Washington, DC 2018

Attention To You,

We have received instruction from the Police Department, Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) here in the United States of America to prosecute you over allegations of money laundering and terrorism of ($25 million usd) related activities in which there is over whelming evidence of your involvement. Note a copy of this email has been forwarded to the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA POLICE / AUTHORITIES and will be ordered for your immediate arrest.

The need for your urgent prosecution arose from your inability to secure the mandatory Clearance Certificate from the Economic And Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) NIGERIA in-spite of several opportunities given to you by the Police Department, Homeland Security, FBI and IRS of this country.

In view of the indicting report submitted to the Police Department, Homeland Security, IRS and FBI by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the Police Department, Homeland Security and FBI has recommended for your immediate prosecution. You just have to obtain the required Certificate from EFCC- CHAIRMAN, MR. IBRAHIM MAGU Email: and the Certificate will cost you $135 only. So you must contact him now and send him the required $135 immediately with his secretary's name below.

Here is the information for you to send the $135 through Western Union, Money Gram Or Ria Transfer today:

Receiver Name: -------- ONYEKWENNE NNEKA TINA
Country: ------------- Republic OF NIGERIA
City: ----------------- DELTA
Amount: --------- $135
Sender Name: --------
MTCN: -------

We are giving you notice that after the completion of seven days and you are not able to obtain the Certificate to clear yourself before the Police Department, Homeland Security and FBI, Legal prosecution will begin immediately.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Yours in service,
Attorney General
Mr. Jefferson B. Sessions III

Too funny. Imagine that, I can avoid being arrested and get "un"indicted for only $135. Really? If a person actually was involved in laundering money and terrorism I doubt if the U.S. Attorney General would send an email telling the person in advance he will be arrested and indicted. And I doubt if a person can avoid being indicted and going to jail by sending in $135. lol. No, I can assure you that this email is a spam scam. And a bad one at that. And, no, I did not respond to the email. Like the other 100 spam emails I get daily, I deleted it.