where are the butterflies?

Lately, here in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, I have not seen any butterflies. I used to see them around, all the time, now I see none. Where are the butterflies? Did they leave? Did they move to Texas, did they leave California, like many people have? Did the butterflies relocate to greener pastures? Were they driven away by humans? By drought? Are butterflies in my area extinct?

I miss seeing beautiful butterflies flapping their wings and perching on flowers. The butterflies were beautiful. Colorful. Heart lifting. Calming. Nature at its best. Where are they? Where are the butterflies?

And the same thing has happened to the ladybugs. They used to be here. And, sometimes, they would land on my hand, looking cute and colorful.

Message to butterflies and ladybugs: "Come back!"