good deed

My Good Deed

Los Angeles and the surrounding areas were facing 3 days of rain (a big deal in arrid L.A.) Heavy rain in Southern California often produces flash floods and mudslides in hilly areas and destroys entire neighborhoods. I live on a hillside. Plus, the 6,500 miles of L.A. streets can flood. Not to mention that, if outside without an umbrella, my clothing (and I) would get sopping wet.

In advance of the 3 full days of constant rain, I thought it wise to check that my rarely used small umbrella was in good shape. I've had it for over 10 years. I checked it. It still opened and had no holes or rips but it was somewhat bent, the fabric was getting thin, and it did not open as strongly as it once did. I decided to buy a new umbrella. In advance of the coming 3 days of rain.

I bought a new small umbrella at my local 24-hour pharmacy. It cost about $11. Yes, I tried it before I bought it. And I was smart enough not to throw out the old one until I bought a new one, in case all stores in my area were sold out and I would be left with 3 days of steady rain and no umbrella. Now, I had 2 umbrellas. At the pharmacy, after the purchase, I thought about throwing the old umbrella away but decided instead to give it to someone who did not have an umbrella. But it was night and there was no one around. I drove home, the proud owner of two umbrellas.

I parked my car, I looked around and saw another car pulling in and parking in a nearby spot. I got out and locked my car, carrying my two umbrellas. The occupants of the other car exited and walked my way. It was a woman and her son. I greeted them and asked them if they were ready for the rain. They said yes, they had heard that it was coming. I asked if they had an umbrella. The women said no. Perfect. I had found someone to gift my old umbrella to. I told her that it was her lucky day! I said, "I have 2 umbrellas. I just bought a new one. And the old one still works. I only need 1 umbrella. I will give you the old one and now you will have an umbrella for the 3 days of rain! A free umbrella." I handed her the umbrella. She was thrilled. And grateful. I added, "AND, in giving you this free umbrella, I am doing a good deed, I am doing my good deed for the week." She agreed. And she promised to "pay it forward", to do a good deed for someone else. I felt good. The woman felt good. Doing a good deed felt good. For both parties.

Do a good deed today. Do a good deed every day. Or every week. Or whenever you can. It's a blessing. A blessing YOU can originate. Now, go do a good deed.