weather suckiness

Suddenly, the weather in L.A. has become sucky. December, January, February, March. Lots of rain and cloudiness and chilliness, day and night, winter and spring, 2018-2019. It’s downright depressive. And not fun. Why, after many decades of great weather, are we sun-and-fun Los Angelenos being subjected to, gasp, lousy weather? It’s unheard of in Los Angeles. We used to get 330 sunny and warm days a year. Now, we may get only 30.

What’s causing it? What’s causing L.A.’s lousy weather? Is it Global Climate Change going local? Are minimalist millennials causing it? Is it toxic white males? Racism? Sexism? Homelessness? Traffic congestion? Opioids? And, if it continues, WHERE can we move to where they have good consistent sunny and warm weather throughout the year? Another state? Another country? Another planet? Or, maybe we all just stay home and live via our cell phones and the internet and have everything delivered, by drones. And go to the doctor online, a virtual visit. And buy a humanistic robot for companionship. Going outside will be a thing of the past. Nature will become irrelevant.

The world is changing. The weather is changing. Life is changing. And it sucks. Where’s a time machine when you need one?

I'd choose 1957. July.