A Weighty Mystery

December 19
I noticed that have gained some weight. I weighed myself and now weigh 155.6. A gain of exactly 2 pounds, in 1 month. I have been eating EXACTLY the same foods, in the same quantity, at the same time each day. There has been NO changes in the last month, with the exception of perhaps slightly less daily walking due to cold weather or rain.  So, how did I gain 2 pounds? It’s not the very minor reduction in daily walking. That wouldn’t account for gaining 2 pounds in 1 month. A mystery. A weighty mystery. Luckily and logically, I solved it. 

The only logical answer may be that my metabolism has slowed down. An involuntary response to the colder weather, i.e. winter. As I am an animal (albeit a human) this makes sense to me biologically. Bears hibernate, and in colder months I too may slow down metabolically and burn less calories, to preserve warmth and fat, etc. A natural response. Summer weight vs winter weight. Hmm, I wonder if overweight/obese people also normally gain weight in the winter, without eating more.

It will be interesting to see how much “winter weight” I gain. And how slow my metabolism gets. Hopefully, I won’t gain more than 5 pounds and, hopefully, I will be able to stay awake, and not go into hibernation, until when the L.A. winter ends!