The value of chores

 Values. It all begins in the home. With parenting. 

My father worked hard and was able to buy a home when I was 10 years old. The monthly mortgage was less than the rent on the small apartment of my formative years. 

My childhood chores at the new family home were outdoor chores. Mowing the large front and back lawn in Spring, Summer and Fall, even in 100 degree heat. Back then, people used a hand mower, before power mowers became popular.

Another chore was shoveling the snow and ice from the front walk and driveway during 5 months of winter. And sweeping the snow off the family car which was parked outside, and carefully chopping the ice off the car's windshield. At 7 AM, often in zero degree weather. Or below zero.

It was tough work. I was 10 years old. I sweated in summer and froze in winter. I learned that reality was indeed a bitch. I did the work anyway; I wanted my allowance. 

As a result of the chores, I grew up to be a reasonably responsible adult living in the real world. With good basic values. Thanks Dad.