Two mornings in one

Lately, I've been having two mornings a day. What? 2 mornings? In the same day? Yes. 

I wake up each day after 3 hours of sleep, in the middle of the night. At about 2 AM. It is my first morning. I am refreshed, awake, alert and have creative things to do. Like writing this blog post. Or working on my fine art photography, editing my art or putting it into my online portfolio. And getting the news online and finding out what the world has been up to. 

On my first morning I have a cup of coffee, read the news and do some creative things for a couple of hours. Previously, before the Covid pandemic, I slept through the night. I was not awake, alert or creative in the middle of the night. Now I am. Now I have two mornings each day. During my first morning of the day, in the middle of the night, at about 4 AM I have breakfast. After a few hours in my first morning I get tired. I go back to bed, get some more sleep. And then wake up again about 3 hours later. And start the day again. A restart. A second morning. A second chance at life. 

Yes, I have two mornings. Every day. I like it. I like having two mornings. Every day.