I Won

I Won The Lottery!

I bought a $10 lottery scratcher ticket. It was a new scratcher game, called Diamond 8's. You could win up to $1 million. I hoped to win a million dollars. Or a few thousand dollars. Or a hundred dollars. Or at least to break even. 

At home I started scratching off the ticket. The first space to scratch and uncover was a Bonus space. It said "uncover a 'ROCK SPOT' symbol and win $100 instantly." I scratched. I uncovered a ROCK SPOT symbol. Huh. I won $100! Yay! That gave me plenty of profit to buy more scratcher tickets. Plus, that was only the first scratch space on the ticket. I had 20 more spaces to scratch off. 

I scratched off the 6 winning numbers. I had to match any of 20 potential scratch off spaces to any of the winning numbers in order to win the corresponding prize.  I scratched off the first row of 5 spaces. No winners. I started on the second of 4 rows. BOOM! I scratched off a "Double Diamond". The ticket instructions said that if I scratch off a Double Diamond symbol I win ALL the prizes - INSTANTLY! OMG, I won! I won ALL the prizes, instantly. I won up to $1 million! Holy Sh*t! I was in shock. How much would I win. I would scratch off the remaining 14 prizes and add up ALL the amounts. Would I win a million dollars? Half a million dollars? $100,000? $50,000? WOW. I took a deep breath and started uncovering the 14 remaining prize amounts. $5. $5. $5. Another $5. More $5 prizes. The remaining amounts were all $5 each. 

The total came to 20 $5 prizes. $100. Plus the ROCK SPOT for $100. I had won $200. Hey, where's my $1 million? Or my $100,000? I was disappointed. I had won ALL the prizes, a total Scratcher jackpot win. I won..."up to $1 million". But I only actually won $200. 

I felt cheated. Disappointed. For about 30 seconds. Then I realized that I had won $200. On a $10 scratcher. Not bad. That gave me $190 of free money to play more scratcher games. I could even play a $20 scratcher and maybe win $5 million! Oh, yeah. 

I cashed in the winning ticket and bought $40 worth of scratchers. We shall see what happens. Stay tuned.