Hurricane earthquake

Hurricane Hilary

Photo taken from my stairwell balcony

Sunday, August 20, 2023 was a historic day here in Los Angeles, California. We had a hurricane. AND an earthquake. On the same day.

We rarely if ever have a hurricane. Hurricane Hilary was downgraded to a tropical storm and a Tropical Storm Warning alert was issued, which has never happened before in our history

As for earthquakes, for decades we haven't had any that I felt. Though it was a short mild earthquake I felt it. The earth moved. 

Today, we had both a hurricane AND an earthquake. That's so far, as of 3 PM.

What's next for today? A flash flood washing my neighborhood away? A mud slide burying us? A plague? Oh, we already had one, it was called Covid.

Sunday has been an historic and weird day. 


It is now Monday, 2 AM. The weather forecast predicts at least another 8 hours of heavy rain. And, to make matters worse, at 3 AM, as millions of local residents were sleeping, we got another scary and loudly beeping government Emergency Alert via cell phone. Seriously? They couldn't wait until maybe 7 AM?

The weather forecast for Tuesday is warm and sunny. We just have to survive until then and we can resume our wonderful summer (with low humidity all year round) in Southern California.